Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indefension, abandonment in Japan

Interesting, shattering, article at Forbes by B. Caulfeld, using the tweets of his friend Yas Idei.

Some excerpts:

Even the employees who had been working to fix the plant evacuated after the explosion.

25 kilometers from the plant ... Gasoline is sold out. There’s no way out of here for the local people.

I visited an evacuation camp this morning. Young mothers are trying to protect their infants from radiation by covering them with plastic bags. There are no rescuers here.

Did you know the radiation level has risen two-to-three times higher than normal in Tokyo? What should we do with our kids?

From the tweeter directly:

radiation level is 40 times higher than normal in Saitama, suburb of Tokyo. gov't says no immediate harm to human body.

my place is included in the area of possible power cuts after an hour. but still no announcement if they really cut.
snow expected from this evening in Tohoku area. no heater, no food, no help for many being isolated.

Probably power was later cut as he has not posted anything in 3 hours. 

(As in so many other cases, found via Florida Oil Spill Law

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