Thursday, March 17, 2011

Geiger counter shows crazy radioactivity 60-70km inland of Fukushima I

Fukushima city in darker pink, from WMC
That is, according to my estimates roughly where Fukushima city (750,000 inhabitants) is - see locator map left. That is also as close as the reporter was allowed to reach near the central. He wrote:

I am roughly sixty to seventy kilometers due west  from the nuclear plants that the Japanese authorities are struggling so hard to control. 

Full story: CNN.

Follows video:

Found via FOSL.

Update: recent Japanese air footage of the plants:

(From FOSL)

US Air base south of Tokyo being evacuated:

... unprecedented... 

... women and children first...

... please, be orderly, do not panic...


(From FOSL, longer version also available there)

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