Saturday, March 5, 2011

Has the Revolution finally reached Saudi Arabia?

It is clear that SA is the next one to explode: there is hardly any other such oppressive tyranny in all the World and it is hard to believe that the ultra-reactionary realm will be spared the wave of anger and democratic demands.

The Saudi autocrat has decreed a prohibition of all protest rallies in the realm because there have been, it seems, some "Shia" protests in the Eastern Province. The announcement comes together with a massive troop deployment in this area towards the Persian Gulf. Mention is made of small protests at Hotuf and Qatif.

A week ago, in what seems a preventive act of calculated generosity, the Saudi tyrant threw to the plebe some $37 billion dollars. It may not be enough specially if the 27 million inhabitants want something else: like at least some degree of popular power.

Source: Al Jazeera

Update (Mar 6): video of one of the protests in Saudi Arabia:


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