Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bahrain tyrant massacre citizens. Protests move to Saudi Arabia

I am admittedly absorbed by the nuclear disaster in Japan but I would not like to let this massacre by the Khalifa usurpers of Democracy (People's Power) and their ignominious protectors the Saudi mafia of religious freakdom.

The Saudi invasion of Bahrain happened just after US Defense Secretary, the Bushite Jeff Gates, left Ryad praising the reformist intent of the al Khalifa family. After the massacre his colleague Hillary Rodham Clinton made cosmetic declarations of repulse.

It is a massacre with the Great Seal of the USA stamped as signature of approval. Believing otherwise would be naive. 
So far at least six people are reported dead, the princelings have also reported victims among their repressive forces. The battle around Lulu ("Pearl") Roundabout seems to be ongoing.

It seems very possible that all this has only caused that the protests have overflown (finally!) to Saudi Arabia, where so far the demos had been of limited extent mostly because of fear to repression. 

Follows video of what seems to be large and lively demonstration at Qatif, in the Saudi coast not too far from Bahrain and the key oil and military port of Damman:

If a reader can please translate what the people is chanting, I'd appreciate. Thanks in advance. 

Similar protests have been reported in Seehat, Tarut, Safwa and Awamiya. There are no reports of victims this time but on Saturday at least three people were injured by live fire from state forces. 

If the fire of Revolution catches in Saudi Arabia (and it should), we will for sure witness critical changes in the whole region.

I think that this is really a movement that has no turn back and that is going to define the century to a large extent. All the Arab region (and some neighbors like Iran, Djibouti) is boiling and this is more like a nuclear reaction than any regular fire: it is extremely hard, if possible at all to control. You can't fence the sea, you can't control reality beyond certain point, not even if you are the super-Calif of Washington or if you are a vassal with named Khalifa. Like Japan's nuclear catastrophe, the Arab Revolution is spiraling out of control, only that in this case it can only be for the better.

Main source: Al Jazeera live blog.

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