Friday, March 18, 2011

Strasbourg supports Christian Fundamentalism sadomasochistic disturbing iconography for your kids

Fundamentalist Hardcore BDSM to pervert children's minds
The European Tribunal of Human Rights has decided that public schools in Italy (and therefore other states in EU) may display sectarian symbols of indoctrination, that doing that is not against the rights of non-christian citizens, particularly pupils and their parents. 

But the high tribunal is obviously wrong and infringing against the rights of European citizens that it is set to defend: in Italy like in other EU countries public schools are for all: christians, atheists, muslims, pagans, etc. Imposing this or that iconography is an obvious violation of the rights of citizens and of the necessary secularism that must govern the public sphere in all matters. 

Besides, crucifixes often display the disturbing image of a tortured naked body which I'd say is not appropriate for children but rather for adults with quite peculiar sexual preferences if anything.

In any case, it is clear that the tribunal at Strasbourg is not fulfilling its obligation yo defend the rights of all Europeans and therefore must be fired and a new one elected.

Source: BBC.

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