Saturday, March 19, 2011

The hypocrisy of NATO in the Arab World

Why is there no threat of no fly zone in Bahrain or why was no such thing in Gaza two years ago? 

Obviously I am glad that the military cannot merely drown in blood the demands of the people in at least one place but I am pretty much outraged at the double standards used for this resolution. Are some dictators worse than others? Is Gadafi worse than Khalifa? Has he murdered more people than Israel? Is he more fascist than Ibn Saud? 

I am quite concerned at this imperial intervention which will no doubt turn imperialist. Sarkozy is not there for the people of Libya, mere cannon fodder or pretext for his interests, but for the oil. Let's recall that Libya is the main source of oil to Europe after Russia.

PS- For the record: who voted in favor of the no-fly zone and allowing gunboat diplomacy to NATO?

NATO members: USA, France, UK, Portugal (but not Germany, who abstained)
Other Imperial satellites: Bosnia, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Colombia
Independent: South Africa

Who abstained (nobody voted against): Russia, China, Germany (NATO member), Brazil and India.

Essentially all powers (except South Africa) with a wish of some independence shrugged in discomfort but did not dare to challenge something that is not in their areas of influence. In the case of Russia there is some benefit if Libya is kept off the oil market by this crisis for a while.

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