Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bradley Manning subject to sexual abuse by his captors every night

Commanders at Quantico base force the suspect of leaking confidential documents to a ritual of forced nakedness every night. This is apparently a "punishment" for a sarcastic comment Manning made.

The attorney of Manning described this as "ritual humiliation" but I understand that it is also sexual abuse because forcing anyone to be naked in presence of others without an absolute need and total respect is sexual abuse and bears no other name.

Full story at The Guardian.

See also: Bradley Manning Support Network

Update (Mar 11):

Hillary Clinton's spokesman, P.J. Crowley has declared that the Pentagon's attitude on Manning is ridiculous and counter-productive and stupid. Full story at The Guardian.

Update (Mar 16):

The Guardian has a story on an interview with Manning's one friend, who visits him regularly. Manning's maximum security treatment (absurd) is torture by all accounts: he'is kept in solitary confinement in a cell, where he is forbidden to do anything: exercising, sleeping, reading, keeping any possessions, watched 24 hours... At night, he is stripped of all clothes and must sleep with a peculiar lead-like blanket. When he is moved around for a visit he is brought in chains.

He is fed a diet of antidepressants, strip searched every night and kept on standing wait every morning while waiting for his clothes.

Honestly, in such a situation, I'd start a hunger and thirst strike. What else can you do? I can only imagine he will at some point.

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