Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The air cowboys do it again: shoot first then ask

The humanitarian intervention in Libya already smells as rotten as Hamlet's Denmark... or worse. Regardless of motivations, leadership, dissidences, etc. what is clear is that the saviors are already murdering civilians and even sympathizers... just in case.

Two (not one but two) US airplanes were shot down (not fell down because of technical issues) by Libyan forces. Somehow, the second plane, acknowledged by Barack Obama in his first press intervention vanished from the governmental discourse and even from the question of the alleged journalists later on.

One can imagine that second crew (two people) is dead or captured and that the Pentagon wants to hide the casualties (and the public humiliation of having its best airplanes downed) of a war that will barely be understood at home (as far as I know it was not supported by the public opinion)... but there can be other reasons. In any case claiming technical issues it the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard for suffering military loses - in teenage gamer slang: LOLZ POWNED!

Instead of just admitting to the facts, these politicians of today, notably in the USA, tend to lie by default. So much that we do not even get surprised or even question their pathological insincerity anymore, even when, as in this case they are so insultingly and blatantly failing to the truth. 

This assumption of total amorality among those who should be the most subject to scrutiny, those in power, supposedly answering to the People, is just unbelievable.

But there it is. We almost do not even blink about that anymore. And so it goes this pathetic period of self-destruction: Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima and whatever comes next... all will be lied about instead of faced honestly and adequately.

Maybe worse is the fact that the helicopter rescuing one of the pilots, who fell in (so far) friendly rebel territory, just shooted a group of people who were welcoming them, injuring six. One of them, a minor, may have his leg amputated.

In other developments, Italy (who supported Gaddafi until a few days ago and has the greatest stake in Libyan oil) complains of lack of organization among coalition troops and threatens to withdraw the use of its bases. Follows Reuters' graph of coalition forces and bases used, most of which are in Italy:

Sources: La Haine[es], Uruknet[en].

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