Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Repression against Basque ecologists: prision for a graffiti?

The dimension of today's Capitalist dictatorship (in which bankers and big corporations dictate the terms and politicians and judges merely administrate for them) is crossing all red lines. Sometimes we have the feeling that even under fascism repression was not so brutal as under today's "democracy". 

Whatever the case, the state attorney is asking two years of prison, plus two months of fine (equivalent to €5,400) plus indemnities of the order of thousands of euros to the town hall of Zizur (Navarre). 

Others may suffer 20 months of prison, plus fines and indemnities. 

Why? For drawing a graffiti against the High Speed Train (AHT-TAV in the Basque/Spanish acronym) within the context of a mountain march of protest.

Usually this would be a case of misdemeanor, not any crime, and therefore the penalties would be much smaller. 

The groups against the High Speed Train also denounce the attitude of the supposedly progressive and pro-Basque coalition ruling Zizur, Nafarroa Bai, which is demanding thousands of euros for something that obviously does not cost more than €50 or €100, demonstrating that way their repressive and fascist instincts. 

Source: La Haine.

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