Monday, December 6, 2010

USA plagued by homeless camps

Camping at Mohave Desert
With only limited public or private (charities) ability to deal with the quickly growing number of hyper-poor among its own citizens, the USA is facing the unavoidable: an epidemic of homeless left to fence for themselves in an environment of climatic, social and legal hostility. 

In practical terms being homeless in the developed world is illegal, that is the only reason why they can ask so much for a piece of land or a home: because you are not expected to lack one and you will be persecuted till you die if you fall in such situation. In practical terms homelessness amounts to a slow death sentence complimented by the torture of police persecution and mainstream social hostility. However the only "crime" committed by most homeless people is to have failed in the economic aspect, something everyday more common as the consequences of the Great Capitalist Crisis become obvious. 

As result the bands of wanderers without hope nor goal are becoming a common sight all around the states, from the urban areas to the remote deserts of the SW.

Many of such stories of all sorts have been gatherer by Financial Armaggedon.

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