Thursday, December 16, 2010

Basque attorneys arrested

In another instance of continued and even increasing Spanish political repression (in a truce! who does not want peace?), two attorneys were arrested yesterday, along with several members from the independentist youth organization Segi.

All them are being accused of belonging to Segi, including the two attorneys, who are little bit old for that.

The arrested attorneys are Haizea Ziluaga and Haritz Escudero, who were arrested at work in a Madrid prison and in his holiday place respectively. The Segi members are: Saioa Zubiaur, Garazi Autor, Izaskun Goñi, Eneko Villegas, Ohiana López and Ainhoa Villaverde. These were all arrested in the Basque Country. The offices of the attorneys, seven private homes and a tavern were registered in the repressive operation.

Sources[eu/es]: Gara, Bilboko Branka, Apurtu and Berria.

Update: demonstrations were held against the arrests. Below: image of the demo at Santutxu neighborhood, Bilbao:

Source: Bilbo Branka.

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