Sunday, December 26, 2010

Riots in Tunisia continue

Just a brief note to mention that the situation in Tunisia continues to be one of civil unrest and continuous clashes between civilians and police forces. Tunisia is one for the most advanced countries in North Africa but is also tyrannically ruled by an authoritarian regime that allows no or little dissent. 

The riots began in December 17 in the city of Sidi Bouzid in the center of the country, after a street seller set fire to himself in protest of police confiscating his merchandises, his living. 

It was believed that extra police forces would have quelled the riots but the fact is that they continue almost ten days later and they have extended to other towns, including the capital Tunis. 

Reading the opinions of the people, it seems it is not just an economic protest (also) but that Tunisians are really fed up with their autocratic and corrupt government and want a regime change. 

We should watch closely what happens in Tunisia and other North African countries because it seems to me that the end of the old regimes approaches. 

Read full stories at Al Jazeera: the original riots of Sidi Bouzid (incl. videos) and the ongoing riots through the country.

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