Friday, December 3, 2010

Assange's warrant is for "sex without condom"

Ratzinger and Khamenei may encourage this but in Sweden it might be a misdemeanor, it seems. The incredible Interpol red warrant for Assange, which reads "sex crimes" has been issued, in clear breach of protocols and procedures within Interpol, for a rare Swedish legal loophole that seems to forbid "sex by surprise" (not to clear but seems to mean fucking in the morning before coffee), not using condom (in one case) and being reluctant to submit yourself to STD tests after a one-nighter. 

Whatever the legitimacy or not of this Swedish law, it's clear that is no basis for any sort of international search and capture order and that no "sex crimes" (per the usual meaning of the word: rape) took place ever. So, in addition to being a most convoluted legal development, it is a clear case of defamation.

Besides it is not yet clear why the two Swedish acquaintances of the Australian hacker knew each other or why the first woman, the one charging for sex without condom (it broke), did not warn the second (her friend) if she thought a crime or misdemeanor had been committed the first night. 

In brief: it seems a clear case of politically motivated persecution.

What we wonder is why all those who have publicly called for Assange's assassination, in the Western version of the Rushdie fatwa, are not yet in jail. That's apology of terrorism by all accounts, yes or yes?

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