Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brutal police attack against neighbors in Pamplona

I know it's "the usual" but it's bad to take this as if it's "normal". It is anything but normal that police, who are paid with our taxes to supposedly keep us safe are the main threat that we Basque citizens have to face every other day.

Last Friday, Spanish police (Policía Nacional corps) surrounded a group of citizens of Pamplona's Donibane (St. John) quarter who were welcoming and honoring two neighbors held "preventively" for two years in Spanish prisons without trial. After some identifications, and with no apparent provocation, they simply charged and beat them badly.

They were particularly violent with Carmen Mañas, widow of the baker Angel Berrueta that a policeman murdered years ago.

The following video includes fragments of the press conference (in Spanish and Basque), declarations of some of the injured, and also an amateur film from a balcony of the police charge:

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