Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hackers raid Nazi sites in the USA

Nazi, white supremacist, fascist, KKK... all the various tags for the same bunch of dangerous idiots, were taken down by a group of hackers organized under the Antifa tag, who claim to have done the feat in revenge for the Nazi aggressions.

The result, besides taking them down temporarily, is a large hoard of emails and other personal data about the scum that joins and specially leads such organizations. The word scum is really appropriate because, as Hackbloc puts it:

The released private email correspondence reveals a number of embarrassing and often disturbing stories about top neo-nazi leaders in the US and is expected to cause infighting and disunion in the white supremacist scene. Some of the profiled Nazis were involved in the military, have been to prison for hate crimes, have raped or molested people, or are just plain racist losers - making one wonder why such a supposed “master race” attracts some sick and disturbed people to their movement.

The hoard of data is sure to cause some serious embarrassment and maybe infighting between the bonehead scum. 

They are asking for mirror sites to distribute the materials.

Read more at Hackbloc and Zone-h (in this one you can also download the looted data). Found via Sare Antifaxista.

Nazis attack five people in Murcia (Spain)

A gang of some ten Nazis from the MSR party attacked with pocket knives a group of people drinking at a terrace. One had to remain in hospital after being injured in the side, while four others also suffered less important cuts. Fortunately all them are out of danger.

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es]

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