Friday, December 10, 2010

Apartheid between "Israeli citizens"

In spite of all the colonialist immigration and genocide of the natives, Israeli citizens are still 20% native Palestinians. But not even them escape Zionist Apartheid. Now the Knesset is debating a law that would institutionalize this racist reality by expelling all Palestinians from those municipalities that have already a Jewish majority (of course the opposite measure is not even considered, let it be clear who the lords and masters of the colonial state are).

Al Jazeera reports with this video of the slums of Jaffa, once a prosperous Palestinian city, now a suburb of Tel-Aviv, where Palestinians still represent 30% of the residents. Regardless of being technically citizens of Israel, they are dumped in slums, separated from the invaders by walls and submitted to the toxic fumes of sewage which has been reported to contain anthrax.

This is the dark reality of the "success" of the Zionist project that so many admire in their ignorance.

Update (Dec 21): rabbis issue fatwa forbidding Jews from selling/renting homes to Arabs

Why is this Nazi colony encouraged, supported by grants and treaties, allowed to exist?

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