Saturday, December 4, 2010

Abbas threatens with dissolving "Palestinian Authority"

De facto PA President Mahmoud Abbas declared yesterday that if peace cannot be achieved in the waste-of-time talks bartered by the USA, he will dissolve the Palestinian Authority and let Israel face the fact that it is the occupants power and has nobody to talk with. 

I cannot accept to remain the president of an authority that doesn't exist.
Better late than never, it has taken too long for the puppet ruler to realize he's nothing but a tool of Israeli Apartheid. In fact, I'm not even sure he fully realizes the shameful and useless role he has been adopting, even against the democratic choices of the Palestinian people, in support of Zionist plans of annexation and bantustanization of remaining Palestine. I am not even sure he really means what he says, after all he's making money of all this sham. 

It is clear, and Wikileaks cables hinted on this too, that Abbas is planning his retirement in some Arab emirate, where his oddly wealthy son lives. But this did not seem to include dissolving the PA. 

What is going on then? Well, we can imagine that suddenly Abbas has realized the most undignified and treacherous role he is playing against his own people and decided to amend it. Unlikely, I'd say: puppet politicians as this man do not give up their baronies for nothing. 

It may be that he is so desperate for some crumbs at the negotiation table that he has decided tho draw a most dramatic red line, obviously aimed to scare both Washington and Tel Aviv. If so, we should soon see a reaction and the concession of said crumbs, namely a paralysis for years of new Zionist colonies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. I suspect that we are before such a scenification rather than something more genuine... but I may be wrong. 

His stand in any cases underlines the horrible situation of a Palestinian Authority that has no power, that is restricted to the role of Israel's dog in only tiny fragments of the occupied territories and that has no faith in itself, quite logically, much less in the good faith of either Israel or its rather servile protector, the USA. 

It also serves to underline the dead end that the two-states approach to the problem of Zionist colonialism and apartheid is. There is no two states solution and Israel will eventually have to face this fact... but seems more difficult as long as it enjoys the servile protection of the USA and its allies.

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