Wednesday, April 13, 2011

US anti-militarist protests: imperial army is just too expensive and pointless

A couple of videos I found at, the first one is a short one of a demo in New York City (warning: very loud sound) against imperial wars, the second is a Russia Today report on military spending in the USA, including images of a demonstration before the White House and opinions by demonstrators and a SIPRI spokesman.

I believe that in time of spending cuts, it is a clear priority to cut first the useless military than the much needed social programs, that is particularly true if about 30% of the budget goes to an oversized and pointless military, unable to win a single peace (winning peace is usually much more difficult than winning wars and requires other means for which an army, specially an occupation army, may be an obstacle). 

In any case, can anyone tell me what's the point of keeping Iraq, Haiti and Afghanistan occupied? Sure, I know that a point can always be made but, seriously... are Afghan poppy fields such a major geostrategical interest for the USA? I do not think so. 

And, even assuming that they are, what does the common US citizen get from that? Wouldn't they be happier with a 30% tax return for example, or with keeping the social programs going?

Source: link 1, link 2.

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