Saturday, April 16, 2011

More persecution against Basque political platforms (and latest ETA's bulletin)

the latest incorporation to Bildu: Araba Bai
Regardless of what happens to the new electoral signature of the Basque Nationalist Left, Sortu, banned by the Spanish political tribunals, there is another political project taking shape these months in the Basque Country: a much wider one. 

Its name is Bildu Euskal Herria, or just Bildu (to gather) for short, and it includes nearly everybody who is Basque, independentist and more or less lefty. It includes the historical socialdemocratic party Eusko Alkartasuna (EA, Basque Solidarity) and its breakaway faction Alternatiba (Alternative), it includes independent Basque leftists and it includes also now a breakaway group from Aralar (itself a breakaway faction from banished Batasuna). In effect, everyone but the conservative and mafioso Basque Nationalits Party and the remainder Aralar party. 

The coalition is taking all possible steps to ensure that it abides by the blurry and inquisitorial Spanish legislation: it makes every single candidate to sign a declaration of rejection of ETA. However that may not be enough, as Spanish Minister of Interior, A. Pérez Rubalcaba, has launched a persecution against this project and its members, in agreement with its twin "opposition" party (PP). 

By command of the rulers at Madrid, the undemocratic current (Western) "Basque Government" has begun using political files gathered by the Basque Autonomous Police (Ertzaintza) on the militancy of Basque citizens since the 1980s in order to build the case to legally challenge Bildu and its lists.

Of course, that yet another political project, which is fulfilling, like Sortu, all the legal requirements imposed by the invaders, is also under the scrutiny of the Spanish Inquisition is in itself worrying, outraging, unbearable...

But even more worrying is why Basque police has been gathering political information on citizens since its formation in the 1980s and the blaming finger falls on the coservative Basque Nationalist Party, which monopolized the self-government institutions, solo or in coalitions, until the Spanish electoral coup of these last years.

ETA's bulletin

Gara also mentions today the latest ETA bulletin, Zutabe, in which the armed group declares the following:
  • That there is a new cycle in the Basque Country, defined by the will of political change, looking specifically for taking concrete and specific steps towards liberation.
  • That the choice of the Basque Nationalist Left of promoting a civilian solution (democratic process) was the right thing to do because it was able to understand the needs of the people and make them their own.
  • They lament the staunch immobility of  France and Spain, what guarantees that the path taken will not be easy or without obstacles. However they remain persuaded that the goal of self-determination will be achieved in any case.
  • They reject the idea that ETA has issued a unilateral a truce only reluctantly, pressed by its own political entourage. They also reject the idea of the ongoing unilateral truce being the failure of a long-term project or that it is only done because of the "need" of the Nationalist Left of running to elections. They argue that it is only because of the Basque Nationalist Left that the Basque Nation still exists in a non-residual manner.
  • They declare that the addressees of their truce are two: the Basque Nation and the international community. In the first case it should allow to extend the political challenge to the Spanish state without the conditionant of violence, in the second they hope that they help to channel the social pressure into causing a fracture into the position of blockade from the State.

Notice that this is not a public communication but an internal bulletin, however the Zutabe typically ends up making its way to the media and public opinion somehow.

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