Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thousands demand the right to run for elections

This country is not a democracy: major political forces are banned from running on arbitrary ad-hoc regulations. Recently the Basque Nationalist Left made a huge effort to adapt to the demands of such Spanish laws and jurisprudence but nothing seems to make any difference: the Spanish Supreme Court declared the new political party illegal as well (9-7 votes, very harsh criticisms from the 7 judges who voted in favor of legalization). 

In protest for such a decision yesterday thousands took to the streets in Bilbao:

Normalization for the Basque Country - Legalization Now!
Meanwhile we continue to suffer the lack of democracy in all our institutions, all of them with extremely deep democratic roots, now denied by the Spanish fascist imposition. This awful situation has been going on for  some ten years already.

Source: Gara[es/eu]

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