Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Development bank stops financing to Hoduran murderer businessman

Stop murders in Aguán
I have mentioned on occasion the struggle of the peasants of Bajo Aguán, which has become emblematic in the fight against dictatorship and feudal capitalism in Honduras. Much more than what I have reflected comes to light every other day in Spanish language in alternative media such as Lista Informativa Nicaragua y más.

Today some good news for a change: Miguel Facussé (Dinant Corporation), visible head of landowners of Bajo Aguán has seen financing by the German Bank for Development (Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft) canceled after his role in the massacres became known.

There is anyhow an ongoing campaign to the British government demanding that it retrieves authorization for another loan of a so-called "clean development mechanism"  project for this feudal terrorist's oil palm plantations in Bajo Aguán. 

This case highlights how supposedly development and ecological funds are being used to strengthen dictatorships and class oppression - and later the imperialist banks will have no shame in demanding the people to pay for such loans that only harm the interest of the Honduran people.  

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