Thursday, April 14, 2011

Japan may move capital to the South

Japan Tokyo3
images from Tokyo
Tokyo has been the executive capital of Japan for the last four centuries, since the unification of the country by the warlords-made-shoguns based in that town, then known as Edo, in the early 17th century.  Even when the shoguns were replaced by illustrated imperial rule in the 19th century, Tokyo remained as capital. However this may be no more.

According to a Bulgarian News Agency, citing Russian ITAR-TASS, Japan is mulling to move the capital to a more southernly location as the radiation dangers increase and become impossible to deny. The most likely locations of the new capital would be Osaka or Nagoya, both near international airports but much further to the southwest and hence more protected form the dangers of Fukushima.

Other most recent news on Fukushima nuclear disaster (from Energy News)

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