Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thousands march through Madrid demanding labor rights

More than 4000 people called by Basque, Galician, Catalan and Canarian national worker unions have rallied in Madrid demanding labor rights. The march was opened by a unitary trilingual banner which read:
  • In Basque: Let us decide life and work conditions in our country
  • In Galician: No to pensions and collective bargaining reform
  • In Catalan: Right to decide our working conditions
Cries (in various languages) included stuff like: independence!; there's no lack of money but excess of robbers; Comisiones-UGT: unions of the establishment; no, no no, no to the reform; the struggle is the only way; PP-PSOE: the same shit is; etc.

The march, animated by Galician bagpipers, was welcomed at the gates of the Ministry of Work by the Basque percussion of a txalaparta. There speakers from two Basque (ELA, LAB) and one Galician (CIG) union took turns to speak, essentially rejecting the ongoing reform that makes firing workers even easier and cheaper, consolidates job precariousness and modifies the correlation of forces in favor of the patrons' cartel while weakening the working class. They also criticized the role of the institutional unions, CC.OO. and UGT, which have signed such ignominious pacts without even attempting to resist at all.

Sources: Gara, Sare Antifaxista.

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