Thursday, April 14, 2011

News: fascism in Spain and Argentina

Several news on fascism at both sides of the Atlantic Ocean:

Religious repression against atheist protesters

In what can well illustrate how non-democratic is the neo-fascist Kingdom of Spain, the atheist procession of this Easter (imposed Christian holiday) has been forbidden by the tribunals at Madrid. Not just that, the tribunals have opened actions against the organizers, it is not well known under what pretext.

Most Spaniards are today agnostic to atheist but the traditional billionaire pedophile and autocratic cult known as the Catholic Church still enjoys of state protection, very generous public funding (untouched by the cuts), extensive real state property and is considered the official religion of the otherwise "secular" state.

Spanish fascists' threats against Basques at football match hidden by the press

Years ago, a Basque football supporter was rounded, beaten and murdered impunely in the streets of Madrid by a death squad of well organized fascist hooligans who had been ordered by some dark hand to kill a Basque that night. The name of the victim was Aitor Zabaleta and the murder really opened an even wider abyss between Basques and Spaniards, in addition to other abuses and crimes.

Yesterday, many years later, in a rematch Athletico de Madrid - Real Sociedad de San Sebastian, the same hooligan fascist murderer gang, the Frente Atlético, was all the match crying death threats against Basques and vindicating their crime.

Spanish media, which had previously made an issue of a player being wooed for carrying political propaganda in the form of a Spanish banner armband, in a match, hid this apology of violence against Basques, not reported in any newspaper nor shown in any TV channel.

But you can judge yourself thanks to the Internet (not nice to watch but evidence in any case):

For those of you that cannot understand Spanish, they chant: "Fucking Basque who doesn't jump", "Basques we have come to stab you and we don't care about the result [of the match]". "Freedom for Ricardo Guerra" [the murderer], "That's why I am going to stab the pig of the Real [Sociedad], you don't deceive us: Aitor Zabaleta was of Jarrai" [banned Basque Youth organization, false claim: he was just a random victim]

Source[es]: Sare Antifaxista.

Argentina: death squad impunely beat striking teachers

Atilio Boron[es] provides us with this video of a beating against striking teachers in Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina:

Notice that some of the attackers attempt to contain others for fear they could kill the victims.

In the original entry we are told that there is clear named leader of this attack: Carlos García, Secretary General of UOCRA, a yellow union, who appears in the video, but that the media is avoiding to point fingers.

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