Friday, April 29, 2011

Nuclear reactor in Alabama with cooling down problems after tornado

Browns ferry NPPWhile the problem is hopefully less important and satisfactorily solved soon, the fact that a nuclear power plant can be brought to its knees so easily once and again only underlines the urgent need to end all nuclear power generation as soon as possible, finding the best possible solution for the extremely dangerous and large stock of nuclear residues.

The affected nuclear plant (pictured left) is Browns Ferry, in Alabama (USA), located by the River Tennessee, a major tributary of the Mississippi, which has a design and age similar to that of Fukushima.

The plant has three reactors, two of which were brought to cold shutdown normally after a power outage was caused by a tornado, however reactor no. 1 could not be brought to a cold shutdown and workers are trying to solve this issue right now. 

Sources: World Nuclear News, CBS (via Energy News).

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