Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ontario cops and their oversized reactions

Interesting video-documentary I just spotted at on people demonstrating against police brutality in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) after a police sniper was found to have been part of a preventive anti-riot deployment.

Ontario Police's stupidity briefly hit the news last year when they were exposed for causing the riots themselves as undercover agents during a G20 meeting, even burning cars when pretending to be part of a supposed black block of riot-making youths from nowhere (the old Mano Negra scare reenacted). Oddly enough Quebec police forces had been exposed in a similar way three years earlier.

The protest was organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty but more than the protest itself, which gathered several hundred people, what is interesting is to see the counter-protest measures which are totally disproportional (cops everywhere). The discourses of the speakers are also very educative, as is some background information provided, specially regarding how it seems impossible to police the police (who guards the guardian?). 

The uploader at YouTube (TheSecretStore) also included a host of links which are surely of interest to whoever wants to deepen in this matter.

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