Monday, April 18, 2011

Fukushima suicidal workers... should be nuclear apologists

Over fifty, good salary... 

Not clear how much (TEPCO is stingy and much goes through contractors anyhow) much less clear that working conditions are the equivalent of Hell. However the note "over fifty" somehow implies that one should be ready to die. 

Ready to die maybe but why are not workers provided with radiation meters while bosses are? Why are they being rationed food and water? Why are they sleeping on the ground? If you are on a suicidal mission to save the country and the World, the least they could give you is all you may need, yes or yes?

There is a lengthier article at Truthout.

But what I wonder is why is not there a campaign to recruit liquidators among advocates of nuclear energy. Those "nuclear optimist" liars are all the time arguing that radiation is trivial and that nuclear power is safe. They probably even consider a 20km evacuation zone around Fukushima I a hysterical overreaction of sorts. 

So I believe that every single liquidator worker should pass a test of support for nuclear power, that they should be recruited only among politicians, journalists and CEOs who support nuclear energy. There should be an NGO "nuclear apologists for Fukushima" recruiting volunteers to fix that mess from all over the World, demanding from them total faith in nuclear power and at least one instance of public nuclear apology in the last decade, be it in the media, scientific publications or whatever other forum. 

It is just not fair that common people have to pay for the crimes of nuclear apologists. It should be they and only they who give their lives to tame the monster they have created.

PS- And read here about the hibakusha hysteria in Japan, on how refugees from the North are being irrationally treated as pestered. 

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