Thursday, April 28, 2011

ETA suspends the "revolutionary tax" (claim the Capitalist Syndicate)

The Western Basque Capitalist Syndicate CONFEBASK and its homologue from Navarre have declared in press conference today that Basque guerrilla ETA has suspended the collection of the so-called "revolutionary tax" (extortion of money from major business and the very rich under threat of kidnapping or attack). 

If this would be true, ETA would be making yet another unilateral (and uncorresponded) step towards peace and negotiation.

However, and this is important, the Capitalist Syndicates of the Basque Country have failed to produce the letter on grounds that it is private. ETA has not made any public declaration in this regard. 

Hence it can be true or it can be a political trick to corner ETA even more by depriving it from its usual taxes after it has tied its own hands by declaring a permanent unilateral cease fire. 

Source: Gara[es].

Update (Apr 29): while there has been no public confirmation from ETA, it would seem like everybody is taking it for real.  The bilingual Basque/Spanish text of the letter can be found at Gara today (first page pictured above).

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