Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spanish Inquisition attacks Leo Bassi

A tribunal from Valladolid has admitted the demands against the genial comedian Leo Bassi, who once put siege to Big Brother (the nefarious TV show) with a megaphone and a lot of humor, for his conference (full of sarcasm and parody) titled Las raíces judeocristianas de Occidente: un fraude histórico a combatir (The Judeo-Christian roots of the West: a historical fraud to fight against). 

This conference took place in the main hall of the University of Valladolid in October 2010 and can be watched here

In it he mentioned the fact that what we know as Judaism is nothing but one of the several monotheistic sects (Catholicism, Arianism, Orthodoxy) that struggled against each other in the Late Roman Empire and the Early Middle Ages. In that time a number of polities became Jewish from Khazaria to Yemen and from Berber tribes to Kurdish realms and even beyond deep into Asia and Africa. 

In this regard he mentioned that the famous Muslim conquest of Hispania was at times performed by Jewish Berber troops, specifically the conquest of Seville. Based on this, a number of Spanish fascist groups (libertaddigital, hazteoir and the Association of Christian Attorneys of Valladolid) have attacked him as saying that:
  • All Christians are terrorists (false)
  • That Spain was conquered by Jews (mostly innacurate and it seems an attempt to label him as "antisemitic")
  • Mocking the illness of late Pope Wojtila (when he was mocking current Pope Ratzinger in fact). 
  • Claiming (rightfully) that Compostela (Santiago) was a Celtic place of worship and that Christians recycled the site. 
  • Claiming (rightfully) that Christmas and Easter have Pagan roots
  • Quoting Winston Churchill (uh?)
Incredibly enough, with such feeble accusations, the tribunal of Valladolid has admitted the charges, which are a possible "crime against religious feelings". 

What?! Religious people do not have such rights: they have a right to daydream all they want but they cannot expect we take them seriously in any way. By raising their fantasies to the level of something to be protected by law, we only achieve a sick society in which craze and delirium is flanked by bodyguards and sanity becomes a crime.

In response, Leo Bassi has denounced libertaddigital and hazteoir on defamation grounds. Admittedly it is the first time ever he denounces anybody for such a reason. 

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