Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sad, ugly fascist Europe

I'm trying to find the mood and time to write again on the Arab Revolution or the Fukushima threat, indeed. But while I gather intelligence to understand the multiple facets of the Arab revolutionary process and courage to face the invisible death emanating from Japan, there are some things happening closer to home, mostly bad stuff.

I already mentioned (too briefly probably) on Wednesday how the Hungarian Nazis are terrorizing the country, specially the Roma community, and how the Tories have provided it with a brand new fundamentalist constitution out of the blue.

In relation with these religious fundamentalist neo-Medieval nonsense, we have a positive note from Franfurkt, where the local youth organized a "silent dance" for the so called Good Friday, when local rules of favoritism to the Christian sect forbid dancing.

However in Spain the KKK-looking ritual demonstrators still can take the streets impunely, often participated by fascist elements of the military, who blur the supposed division of religion and state. Among the many residues of fascism that pester the Spanish streets, this Easter you can find yet another one: the idol of the Virgin Macarena wears these days the strip of the fascist general Queipo de Llano, as if reminding everyone that fascism never really ended in Spain, where no revision of the crimes of the dictatorship ever happened and where many of the monuments erected by them still stand.

But that's not all: for example a Barça supporter was murdered by stabbing to the heart by a Madrid Nazi supporter in Valencia after the Coup's final match. The incident will pass maybe as a football fight but it is clear that the Nazi was looking to murder someone, as he was going around with a hidden butcher's knife. One wonders if some Nazi sects asks their members for human sacrifices... I would not be surprised, really.

In Italy, the right-wing Catholic Fundamentalist major of Milan forbade a demonstration against homophobia on a pretext.

In Russia instead, the mayor of Moscow, authorized a Nazi demonstration under the slogan Stop feeding the Caucasus. Russian Nazis (Russian Civic Union) do not just want to keep their military and political conquest in that region but want to exterminate all the people living there and, I imagine, replace them by ethnic Russians.

In Britain, the fancy marriage of the crown prince (who was more than once in the past spotted making fascist remarks or dressing as nazi officer) is not absent of fascists from around the World. Notably all the bloody dictators from the Arabian Peninsula, representing Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, who are as we speak murdering and torturing civilians just because they demand transparency and democracy.

So that's our Europe: that's what its doing before the indifference of most. It really sucks.

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