Friday, April 15, 2011

Murder of Free Gaza activist highlights who is behind Al Qaeda/Salafists

Arrigoni acting as human shield
A pro-Palestinian activist, Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, was kidnapped and murdered right away by a fundamentalist armed gang self-defined as Salafist (a well known alter ego of Al Qaeda or Saudi Arabia/Wahhabism). 

Arrigoni, who had been intermittently living in Palestine for several years, since he arrived with the 2008 Free Gaza boat, risking his life before the Zionsit sharpshooters as volunteer human shield, was kidnapped by an extremist fanatic group self-described as Salafist, who allegedly demanded the liberation of some of their prisoners, notably their leader Sheikh Abu Walid al-Maqdasi, who was arrested by Palestinian Authority (Hamas) officials last month.

In the video released by the kidnappers it is clear that Arrigoni had been beaten and abused, his eyes under thick duck tape. He was probably murdered right after filming the video because, in spite of the Palestinian Authority (Hamas) extremely fast response, he was found already dead. 

Two people have been arrested. The two Salafist groups in Gaza have denied any connection to the kidnapping, reinforcing the idea of this being a Mossad operation of some sort.

I understand that this highlights how extremist fanatic gangs like these are manipulated (if not just outright created) by the Saudi-Zionist-Gringo network of secret services, which forge them as tools to be launched against the peoples of the region. 

In this particular case it is clear that the jihadists were acting in favor of Israel and against international solidarity between the peoples. These criminals are nothing but agents of the Mossad, they know it or not.

Ref. Al Jazeera, BBC.

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