Friday, April 8, 2011

Socrates sells Portugal to Brussels

Lucky us we still have Portugal (1984)
The acting Prime Minister of Portugal, José Socrates Carvalho, in spite of being interim has decided to sell Portugal to the banskter mafias of Brussels in what seems a similar consummated facts' kind of treason to the one performed by Brian Cowen in Ireland.

In my opinion this is a crime against the Portuguese People. Having seen his draconian austerity measures rejected by Parliament just a few weeks ago, he now pretends to implement them by means of submission to the IMF and Brussels. Because the "rescue" (stab, stab!) comes with many strings attached. 

He should better declare bankruptcy if so bad are the public accounts and let the creditors feel the pain, rather than the public. If he still has to make cuts, the unnecessary expenditures such as the military, politicians' salaries, police forces, should be scrapped before fundamental social services like pensions, unemployment benefits, firefighters, hospitals, education and such. In addition, corporate taxes should be raised, including import taxes where possible. 

Only after implementing all these measures, they should consider freezing public salaries or other anti-social measures. And in no case they should consider accepting IMF patronage because that equals to suicide. 

IF Carvalho ("Sócrates") gets away with his scheme to sell Portugal to the international bankster mafia, then the Portuguese People should declare such agreements void.

Portugal and the Netherlands are the only two European nations who managed to successfully break off with Castilian (Spanish) imperialism. For that reason I have then in particularly high esteem (even though their own ruthless imperialist policies taint such a noble history). 

In any case, beware because they are selling off the nation to the international bankster mafia now, what will have, unless the People raises and stops this new colonialist scheme,  terrible consequences for the near future. 

What is really going on?

Let's look at things upfront: what is going on with this enslaving-by-debt scheme?

What is happening is an internal European colonialist adventure using financial and bureaucratic structures instead of (by the moment) military forces. Iceland barely escaped this scam but the rulers of Greece, Ireland and Portugal have shown themselves to be much more complacent with their imperial masters in Brussels (actually in Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam...)

Everybody knows that IMF policies are useless (except to cause more poverty and grant, sometimes, repayment of the induced debt to the last drop of blood). I am positive that not even IMF officers believe in them in any way other than for what they are: imperialist tools to keep peripheral states under a neocolonial yoke. 

Would they be half-serious about deficit, they'd be raising taxes, scrapping WTO agreements (that do not benefit European workers nor budgets the least) and allowing governments to print more euros (which would have the added benefit of devaluing the euro, so European companies would export more and import less). They would be cutting politicians' salaries (heard of that anywhere?), subsidies to the Church, payments to parasitic monarchs... but nope: instead of cutting subsidies to private (Catholic mostly) schools, they are cutting pensions! 

What the heck! So the ailing Catholic Church can keep their undue public funding but the pensions that workers have already paid for (yes, this is no charity: workers pay for their pensions in advance, it's just a public insurance) are being axed? 

This has no other name than robbing the poor to give to the rich. Institutionally so.

And internationally it intends to put the peoples of so many states, possibly all EU eventually,  in a colonial status through perpetual indentured service (slavery through debt). 

Beware and raise up against this abuse!

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