Thursday, April 28, 2011

USA (and EU): hands off Palestine!

The US also responded coolly [to the Fatah-Hamas agreement] saying the government that resulted must recognise Israel and renounce violence (BBC).

Who is the USA to say anything on what goes on on Palestine?! It is only the Palestinian People who has the right to decide in their own territory.

Who is the USA to dare to support a racist genocidal terrorist nuclear rogue organization as Israel? A terrorist organization that spreads computer virus that may stop nuclear power plans and other industrial processes, with all the risks for civilians it carries. A terrorist organization that is the only nuclear power in West Asia and, besides France, in all the Mediterranean region. A terrorist organization that has committed the largest genocide in West Asia since the one on Armenians in World War I, that murders civilians with napalm, depleted uranium and other controversial weapons because it is unable to normally police the territory it claims the right to rule one way or another. A terrorist organization that denies the right of the Palestinian People to live in their own country, to have any rights in their own territory: not the right of freedom of movement or speech, not the right of property, not the right of return, not the right of voting or being voted, not the right to be at least equal to those invaders from Poland, Germany, USA, Russia and other foreign countries, who have usurped their own land. 

Why does the USA and EU support Israel at all? Supporting Israel is not any moral option: it is complicity with one of the worst crimes since the Holocaust, it is complicity with colonialism, racism, apartheid, genocide, large scale mafioso terrorism, nuclear proliferation, fundamentalism...

We must demand from our states that Israel is ostracized and forced to accept democracy and justice in the land of Palestine: from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

Not to apartheid in Palestine! Not to the Zionist genocide!

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