Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Revolt in Northern Kurdistan as Turkish occupants bars candidates

The largest city of Northern Kurdistan (under Turkish occupation), Diyarbakir, experienced massive spontaneous riots after the autocratic ethnocentric imperialist Turkish Republic forbade 12 independent candidates from running to elections.

As we can see in the following video, several police armored vehicles were destroyed:

It always surprises me how comparable are Turkey and Spain: they are both Mediterranean peninsular states centered on a semi-arid plateau, which flourished in a similar period and that have "democracies" under military control and systematic oppression of ethnic minorities.  Like Turkey, Spain (or "like Spain, Turkey") bars independentist candidates from running to the parody of elections they hold, perpetuating a conflict where a friendly divorce would be the natural solution.

Both are weak states on militarist steroids to hide (or is it to show) their fear to their own pointlessness.

Source of the video:

Map of Kurdistan

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