Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kiev Junta losing control

The illegitimate Ukranian de facto President A. Turchinov admitted that they have effectively lost control of East Ukraine, currently under popular rule. It just cannot be a coincidence that yesterday a Nazi horde of some 1000 thugs was defeated by the people of Donetsk in a battle that left some 15 wounded, or that, after the proclamation of the People's Republic of Lugansk some days ago, the masses of this city have taken control of government buildings

But more interesting is this declaration of the Junta leader:
Our primary task is to prevent the spread of the terrorist threat to other regions of Ukraine.

By "terrorist", the IMF puppet means those who oppose a regime that has absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever, being "elect" only by massive voting fraud under the supervision of Nazi militias, in order to serve the International Bankster Mafia and squeeze the blood of Ukrainians to pay the debts acquired by the local oligarchy. 

Naturally Ukrainians are already feeling the pain, as pensions and salaries have been dramatically slashed, and they can't but feel sympathy for those in East Ukraine or elsewhere, who oppose the new bankster puppet regime.

In Kiev itself, the citizenry opposed a small but heavily armed Nazi march through Independence Square, what resulted in a street battle. Shots and explosions were heard and it is believed that several people were injured.

Turchinov admitted that the attempting to subdue the popular uprising by violent means is useless, something that, while very realistic, must sound to treason in the marble halls of the international bankster mafiosi. If they can't impose their totalitarian blood-sucking will on the masses, how are the bourgeois oligarchs to rule the world?

However he also threatened the military with sackings, talking of "helplessness" and even "treason". This may get the military to revolt against his unjustified rule, turning the power situation in Ukraine even more confuse and disorganized. 

Ukraine is right now a failed state, sharply divided between a pro-Russian and antifascist East, a pro-NATO and very much Nazi West (Galitzia in essence), and a huge area, which includes most of the country, where sympathies and antipathies are split. 

Many things can happen now but if you want my bet, I'd say that the Army will depose the government in a matter of days or weeks, because no other possibility looks reasonable at all.

What is clear is that, as forecast, the Kiev Junta has been unable to impose their pro-IMF version of order against the massive popular discontent. This is important because it may set the path for future similar developments elsewhere in Europe, once the populace rises up against IMF tyranny. What is happening in Ukraine is a testing ground for all Europe.

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