Sunday, April 6, 2014

10,000 march in Pamplona against Christian Fundamentalista anti-women law

Some 10,000 people, mostly women, marched yesterday in Iruñea-Pamplona in defense of the right to decide on their own bodies, a fundamental right that may be severely restricted by the Neo-Fascist government of Madrid (PP).

'Our body, our choice'

They explained:

We need sexual education to be able to decide freely, contraceptives to prevent abortion and free abortion to prevent killing. Suddenly sexual and pregnancy rights are being thrown to the trash bin with this new law, sending us back to the Franco dictatorship, and we will not accept that. 

They also criticized the outraging process of privatization of abortion services. 

After decades of quite liberal abortion laws, Spanish far-right minister Gallardón is promoting a new abortion law which will make free choice a crime for nearly all cases, in an obvious attempt to return to the Fundamentalist Christian ideology of the Franco era. 

The sociological reality however is not at all in line with such extremist intolerant ideas and the bill is causing a serious social conflict, even inside the ranks of the conservative party in power.

Source[eu]: Berria.

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