Monday, April 28, 2014

Fukushima tweets: radiation sickness everywhere

Fukushima Diary reports and translates today the tweets of a woman from Fukushima, which are her agony, but seemingly not only hers. Sorted chronologically:
  • (Apr 22) Everyone is having cancer, cancer, and cancer around me. What is going on ??? I’m afraid it is that maybe …
  • (Apr 24) Good morning. I’ve been having a stomach problem since my father fell down and was sent to a hospital by ambulance.
  • (Apr 24) So sleepy.. feeling so much fatigue.
  • (Apr 25) I can’t stop diarrhea.

You may understand why I've almost stopped reading and watching mainstream media: they silence all this.  She's naturally not at all the only one with such kind of deadly trouble, most of Japan is since the explosions at the Fukushima nuclear reactors spread plutonium all around the Northern half of Honsu (at least) and no serious containment nor evacuation action has been organized by one of the wealthiest states on Earth. Instead all they did was to silence it, extend and pretend. But you can't hide truth forever: radiation kills. It may take some time but kills, more so if nothing at all is done to prevent that people gets contaminated day after day. 

So sad...

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