Friday, April 11, 2014

Syrian "jihad" in reality: orders from Israel and "holy" prostitution rings

A Saudi Arabian girl, aged 15, stripped naked the Islamist "holy war" against Syria in interview with Turkish newspaper Aydinlik. 

The young woman, identified as Ayeshe al-Bakr, explained that she joined the so-called jihad al-nikahl (sexual holy war), that she kept sexual relations with dozens of Al Nusra fighters and that she is now pregnant. This "sexual holy war", which is just a fanatic prostitution ring, has grown in the last years as the terrorist activities of the fascist groups have increased under US imperialist command. Some Sunni muftis have claimed that those women who provide sexual favor to jihadists will go their imaginary paradise.

She also declared that she traveled with Al Nusra's leader Abu Muhamad al-Jawlani (also transcribed as al-Joulani and al-Golani) to Palestine (West Bank), where he met Zionist officers several times.

Source: HispanTV[es].

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