Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ukrainia sliding further into civil war

The Ukrainian Army has been ordered by the Nazi Junta to act against the popular uprising in the East but the results so far seem unimpressive. 

At dawn there were reports of clashes at Slavyansk, located on the main road between Kharkov and the rebel city of Donetsk. The situation in the strategical town remains unclear.

A tank was sent back in Rodinskoye by unarmed citizens daring the soldiers to shoot them (→ video).

Even more worrisome seem the growing attacks by Nazi squads, now largely incorporated to the newly created "National Guard". 

In Sumy, NE Ukraine, the headquarters of the Communist Party were attacked by a fascist squad. 

In Kiev, where the rebellion may begin to spill-over, hundreds attempted to take the Parliament. 

Also in Kiev, two anti-Junta presidential candidates were attacked after participating in a TV debate. Oleg Tsarov (or Tsarev), former member of the Party of Regions, was beaten by a Nazi death squad. Mikhail Dobkin, candidate of the Party of Regions was also attacked with chemicals and flour. 

After the aggression, Tsarov who supports the anti-Junta uprising, declared he won't leave the electoral race no matter what. He has suffered aggressions before.

The so-called "National Guard" squads (essentially Nazis) are being sent also to the East. These are the ones most likely to use full force against anyone who opposes the NATO-backed regime even peacefully.

Source: Russia Today (link 1, link 2, link 3).


Airfield at Kramatorsk captured by Junta forces → RT.

Ukrainian commander issues death threats to those who dare to resist the Nazis → RT.

Citizens trail army convoy heading to Donetsk, no attempt to stop it yet → RT live updates.

Citizens of Lugansk have stopped a military convoy → RT live updates.

Lugansk city council debating its independence from Ukraine → RT live updates.

Updates (Apr 16):

Pyrrhic was the Ukrainian "victory" at Kramatorsk airfield. Unarmed civilians have engaged the troops, 300 of which moved into the town, and many have switched sides. At least six tanks have joined the anti-fascist side.

At least four people have been reported killed by yesterday's armed attack against this town's airfield.

Another military convoy against Lugansk was also stopped by villagers at Raygorodok.

RT live updates.

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