Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anarchist organization claims bomb attack against Bank of Greece

The attack happened on April 10th but I did not see any headline and have been oblivious to it until now. The large bomb was located in a car and heavily damaged the facade of the building. There were no victims because the armed group, Revolutionary Struggle, advised twice of the attack in advance. 

Now the armed organization has formally claimed the attack in an extensive communication that can be read at ContraInfo

The date was carefully chosen to correspond to the fourth anniversary of a major police crackdown against Revolutionary Struggle and also to with the exact day when the Greek state returned to the international markets in search of the first long term loan since the mega-crisis hit it and the day before to an official visit by "super-terrorist chancelor" Angela Merkel.

Revolutionary struggle denounces that the financial crisis was caused by local and international oligarchies and is nevertheless being paid by the Greek masses, with almost half of the Greek nation being dumped into poverty and a quarter in "absolute destitution". 

They argue that:
Social revolution cannot be postponed to an indefinite future, nor be limited to an indistinct projectuality. It requires constant revolutionary action in the present time, and involves the organization and formation of a ground-breaking revolutionary movement that will elaborate and define its strategic steps, and clash with the establishment’s centralized policies. It involves the political process and willingness to put specific revolutionary proposals into practice.

They summarize their demands as follows:
  • Unilateral Greek bankruptcy
  • Exit from EU and EMU
  • Expropriation of all the assets of Capital, local or foreign
  • Abolition of banks, write-out of all citizen debts to bank, devolution or collectivization of bank-seized assets
  • Collectivization of state and church property
  • Abolition of the state and its replacement by a confederate system of popular assemblies and workers' councils, whose national level institutions will be under direct mandate from these and subject to recall at any moment
  • Abolition of the police and army, being replaced by a popular militia

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