Sunday, January 30, 2011

South Sudan breaks apart, North Sudan revolts against Bashir

I must welcome this exercise of self-determination by the people of South Sudan, which was put under Islamist and Arab Nationalist boot by the designs of the colonial powers and now, after decades of liberation war can finally exert their fundamental right to decide their own destiny.

While the country is often described in Western or even Arab press as "Christian and Pagan", the reality is that most people are not affiliated to any imperialist Yahvistic religion whatsoever. There do not seem to be more Christians in South Sudan than in, say, Egypt.

Referendum's story at BBC, Al Jazeera.

South Sudan-administrative map PL

Uprising at Khartoum

While South Sudan heads for independence, North Sudan heads, it seems, for yet another revolution with clashes between protesters and security forces at Khartoum, clearly influenced by the nearby Egyptian Revolution. 

Full story at Al Jazeera.


  1. A map showing the religious geography of South Sudan can be found here.

    The East is basically animist (i.e. indigenous African beliefs), while the Southwest and a swath along the North-South border has a significant Christian concentration which is probably a transborder spillover of the kind of Christianity found in neighboring Uganda.

  2. Site is interesting but I fear that in general info on religious adscription are much slanted in favor of large imperial religions like Christianity or Islam, minimizing the real presence of traditional beliefs and agnosticism.


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