Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egyptian intifada continues

While the information is limited because of the blackout imposed by the tyrant, it seems that the people have gone out today again against Mubarak, demanding "regimen change, not cabinet change". 

The institutional NDP party's see is ablaze and demonstrators have been reported attempting to assault the Presidency and the Ministry of Interior. A member of the ruling party, M. Reda Boutros, threw invectives Sarkozy-style against the "mobs" that dominate the revolution in Egypt and how they are "low class". 

Yes, it is the class war, Mr. Reda, have no doubt. And also have no doubt that thanks to the ones like you today all Egypt and nearly all the World are "low class", "canaille", as Sarko would put it.

Beijing panics 

Besides, it seems that the Chinese regime has panicked. So much that "Egypt" cannot be searched for in the East Asian country. This is very interesting because a Maoist system like the one supposedly ruling in Beijing, should support a revolution like the one happening in Egypt and across the Arab World. However they are only worried about their own population realizing that things can change, a clear symptom of an exhausted regime, a regime that gave up trying to be communist long ago and is not just fascism under a red banner.

One thing is clear: this revolutionary wave is to shake all the authoritarian regimes still standing. Why? Because these have got like four decades to reform themselves and have not done it. They must pay for it, naturally. 

It's the survival of the fittest and regimes that do not deliver social justice, dignity and freedom are clearly unfit. The jury is on the streets... and the streets are burning.

Update: Israel moves out all its diplomats: the Zionist embassy is empty (more at JSF).


  1. hello maju,

    and are about 100 dead

    How can precede personal ego, greed and lust for power to the life of a human being?

    as possible in order to recover a universal right, freedom, many deaths are necessary.

    sad again.

  2. 100s!

    Sadly this is going to be a very bloody fight, even if we all know that Mubarak is done, even himself. While Tunisia matters less, Egypt is the most central state in the Arab World and it directly affects Israel.

    The last thing the Empire wants is a uncontrolled change, possibly leading to a nationalist government of some sort, hostile to Israel and sympathetic with Hamas and Syria.

    Also a revolutionary change in Egypt means more revolutions across the region on the wake of it. The Pentagon's and Tel Aviv's worst nightmare!

    And it's happening right now. The new appointments show that the regime will resist till the last man and is "reassuring" both the Military and the Empire, essentially it is a military government.

    But I do not think that they can withstand the wave. People is really desperate for change, that's clear. They need it, they deserve it and they have little to lose.

  3. The problem, Maju, is that sometimes it is the same, a very worthy and noble cause is exploited by some who do not have values to loot, steal and do harm. Many people are scared and do dfender guard their homes and families, have committed many thefts, and even the Cairo museum is being destroyed.

    Is very similar to the anarchist social revolution in the Spanish civil war, a noble cause that requires much effort and human lives is used by some heartless to destroy.

    Unfortunately, these events damage the image to the outside of the demands of the people, and make foreign governments and giving complete support to the dictator.

    Why not agree to this dictator to leave people in peace once and for all?


  4. Looters are said to be plain clothes policemen in a maneuver of distraction. Not in vain Hosni has put his, cryptic and brightly criminal, intelligence chief as successor (vice-president).

    "Why not agree to this dictator to leave people in peace once and for all?"


    That's not what the people wants. You have been watching too much TV, I guess: the effects of brainwashing are patent. :(

  5. Maju, maybe it's my English again.

    "" Why not Agree To this dictator to leave people in peace Once and for all? ""

    I think this sentence is poorly expressed, very very badly expressed, I do not think you understood me, obviously people want a regime change, as you say in the post.

    I am referring to is the dictator who must leave people in peace and freedom,he must leave the country rigt now, make things easier for a regime change, not just government. And foreign governments should require this type to step down now.

    I did not know who is saying that undercover cops are looting to distract the attention, no wonder, since this type of maneuver is very typical of dictators.

  6. Alright, my bad. I understood to agree to the dictator (to remain in power) in order for people to have peace (under police terror).

    Seems I got you totally wrong. Indeed the sentence can be understood both ways like one of those optical illusions. :/


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