Friday, January 14, 2011

Thousands gather in Berlin to pay homage to Luxemburg and Liebnecht, 88 years after their murder by the "democrats"

German Communist leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebnecht were murdered by the Socialdemocrat fascists and their death squad, the Freikorps, in 1919, after putting down the German Revolution of 1918.

This was in January 15 of 1919. These days, Germans have gathered by the tens of thousands in Berlin to pay homage to these victims of the bourgeois reaction, which would eventually culminate in Nazism. They represent the fall of so many others murdered by the Freikorps death squads, lead by a party claiming to be socialist and being always the faithful dog of Capitalism: the Socialdemocrats.

Here there is some Red German music with images of the popular homage to those who died for a better World:

How would have been the World if the revolution would have succeeded in Germany in 1918? Definitively not worse. Possibly much better. 

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  1. How would have been the World if the revolution would have succeeded in Germany in 1918?

    All of Europe would today look like the former Ostbloc? (Depressed economic basket-cases).

  2. "Basket-cases"? I understand that they used to have a decent economy before Capitalism and IMF interrupted their development. East German products were (are still in some cases) about the best to be found in the market, it is also hard to imagine better space tech or weaponry than that made in the former USSR. NASA uses Soviet rockets to get to the ISS, as it's convoluted designs for space ships are a failure by comparison. The ISS itself is nothing but the continuity of the former Mir station.

    Sure Capitalism has been bad for Russia, Hungary, Latvia, etc... but that only says that Socialism, even if largely imperfect, was better. You cannot blame Socialism after 20 years of Capitalist plundering and IMF recipes for failure. They should have been "success stories" but they are just German colonies, just like the rest of EU.

    Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia... all were much better under Socialism in most aspects. The case is more complex for East Germany or Poland maybe (though in this last case it's really a problem of Christian talibanism, rather than anything being seriously wrong before) and certainly Bulgaria was a lot better also before (however Romania was never a socialist success story). The USSR overall was able to develop the productive forces for decades at levels not even dreamed of by any other underdeveloped country back then (excepting maybe Japan). Albania was the only Muslim country ever to re-evolve into an advanced atheist society in which religion does not play any major role anymore (may Allah bless Enver Hoxa :p)

    And today Banksters in the west would not be able to make their blackmail to society so easily, as they would have a system competing with their robbery if the Soviet bloc would have survived in decent shape.

    The only basket-case are banks: they give nothing, absolutely nothing, and take all. It's a total scam but most people do not dare to challenge their undeserved power. What a shame!


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