Monday, January 24, 2011

Hot Mediterranean winter (news roundsup)

Not for the weather, not particularly warm that I know of but because the waters and even the sands are boiling. 

From Ireland to Yemen, from West Sahara to the Caucasus... Not strictly always just by the Mare Nostrum but not too far away in any case.

Yemen: next in line for the Great Arab Intifada? Yemeni police arrests students rallying against the government in Sana'a, the capital. 

Irish Greens leave cabinet in a clear case of too little, too late. If the Greens would have abandoned Cowen a month ago, Ireland would be a lot better. They had the chance of doing what the President of Iceland did: veto an imposition of foreign powers against their people and they failed to do so. But what can you expect of a party which did not even manage to save the most emblematic archaeological and natural space of Ireland (Tara) against destructive developism. They clearly deserve to die out politically after such a continuous failure.

An Poblacht depicts Cowen as Nero today

Algerian police injures many in Intifada crackdown. 

Six Republican Guards arrested in Albania as suspect for the killing of protesters on Saturday.

Former prison of Torrero (Zaragoza) squatted again by neighbors who drove off the police. 

Al Fatah's negotiators exposed by Al Jazeera as giving away everything... yet Israel would not agree (as the negotiations are only a pretext for them to keep the apartheid and genocide ongoing).

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