Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tunisia revolution continues: many killed by the regime

Al Jazeera reports at least six people killed by repression forces these last days in what we can't but call the North African Revolution. Three fell in Mendel Bourguiba, the rest in Bizerte, Tataouine and Tunis, the capital. Clashes between citizens and repression forces were also reported in Douz, Kasserine, Thala, Regueb,

The geography of the Revolution has expanded from the provincial interior to the coast (Bizerte, Tunis) in spite of a curfew, that was largely ignored by the citizens. The number of casualties is probably be many more than the six confirmed last victims, as human rights groups claim as many as 40 killed, this being a minimum figure. 
In a desperate attempt of survival, dictator Ben Ali sacked his Minister of Interior and made promises impossible to fulfill. I bet he is fleeing the country in days or weeks, so desperate he seems (I may be wrong though). 

There is no information on Algeria (that I know of) since Monday.

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