Saturday, January 22, 2011

Albania: government murders protesters

The government of Sali Berisha, whose quasi-fascist Democratic Party of Albania (member of the EPP, the pan-European right wing party) rigged the elections in 2009 (following the example of Republicans in the USA, and the PAN in Mexico) has faced popular unrest as follows:
1. They murdered four protesters

2. They proclaimed peace

One of those murdered by police

At Al Jazeera, Karolina Risto, chief editor at pro-government Vision Plus TV, is quoted as saying: 
Albania is finally calm now after more than six hours of violent clashes. Four people are reported dead, all of them young men among the demonstrations in Albania's capital. The whole purpose of this gathering is because the opposition is accusing the government of stealing their votes in the last election.

Obviously the calm can only be temporary. 

The uprising, which has been paralleled to that of Tunisia, got demonstrators attacking police vans and trying to storm the government's offices. The opposition demands new fair elections. 

Sali Berisha's ultra-capitalist authoritarian regime is maybe most infamous worldwide by managing to scam most Albanians upon the transition to Capitalism with a pyramid scheme a la Madoff (or Rockefeller for the case). For that reason he was ousted in 1997 but came back to power in 2005 and has not eased his grip since then. 

Berisha dumped Albania into NATO in 2009 and is a clearly the man of the Empire in that corner of Europe, yet he had to cheat to stay in power and now he is murdering his own people in a desperate attempt to stay as top dog.

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