Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Palestine too

Well, at least at its embassy in London. Students took over the office of the ambassador of the Palestinian Authority in London demanding new Palestine Council elections (source: Jews sans frontieres, ultimately The Guardian). This happened two days ago but remained hidden (not first page).

Hamas won the last elections in 2006 and was removed by an Israeli-supported bantustan coup by Mahmoud Abbas (Al Fatah), who still rules by decree in spite of his term having expired years ago. No elections have been held in the Palestinian bantustans since then and therefore look like natural terrain for the pan-Arab intifada going on all around. However, it is a country under a terrible racist regime that does not doubt murdering the native people by the dozens. On the other hand it cannot escape the logic in the rest of the Arab World: a bunch of Zionist settlers and the VI Fleet cannot really stop the tide.

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