Sunday, January 30, 2011

Israel murders more people

Probably benefiting from the smoke screen provided by the Egyptian revolution, the racist state in Palestine (Israel) continues its policy of murder and genocide. At least two people have been murdered these days by the Zionist death squads:

Jawaher Abu Rahman, 36, was murdered by Zionist troops/police when protesting against the apartheid wall at Bilin. She breathed too much tear gas. She is not the first one to be killed that way by the Zionist criminals at Bilin: whole families have been murdered with tear gas, including her brother Bassem, killed less than a year ago.

Jawaher Abu Rahman, murdered by Israel
Youshef Ikhlayl was murdered by settler death squads on Friday. Two death squads went into Beit Umar shooting wildly. They injured two: Bilal al-Aqdor was injured in the arm, while Youshef was hit in the head, what caused his death.

Youshef Ikhlayl

In protest people blockaded a road for an hour but then the Zionist army invaded the village and injured many. There was also a protest in Jaffa, as part of an already planned march against settlements.

Demo against settlements in Jaffa
Source: Anarchists against the Wall.

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