Monday, January 31, 2011

Tahrir square dawns wrapped in barbed wire

Egypt's dictator moves to repress its people: the center of the Egyptian Revolution, Tahrir Square in Cairo, has been cordoned with barbed wire by the army while the police (which had been absent from the streets except as plain clothes armed looters in the last couple of days) has been redeployed. 

It is easy to fear a Tiananmen-style massacre, however the likelihood of Mubarak's regime surviving whatever they do is nearly zero. Unlike P.R. China in 1989, the Egyptian regime has nothing to offer but misery and repression... and that is a sure recipe for a successful revolution. 

Both Tel Aviv and Cairo have been emphasizing the importance of Egypt's stability, meaning that they are asking their allies to back Mubarak no matter what. It is easy to understand how both the Neo-Pharaonic tyranny and the Jewish apartheid regime in Palestine would feel such a panic: effectively Egypt is the heartland of the Arab World, borders Palestine and controls the Red Sea routes, there is hardly any more strategic state worldwide, and that is specially true for the Zionist colony.

This may mean a violent crackdown by the regime with cautious approval by the Empire. I hope to be wrong about this but it is my fear anyhow. Would it be otherwise, the army would have already kicked Mubarak out and placed an interim national unity government to steer the transition. 

But such a violent solution can only be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. It should be clear to any observer that Mubarak nor his regime can hold to power as they have done until now. Violence will not solve anything, just aggravate the social and political conflict and make a peaceful smooth transition less likely.

A mega-protest has been called for tomorrow, Tuesday, by the April 6th Movement, reports Al Jazeera.

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