Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Intifada reaches Egypt

As expected it would happen, yesterday thousands went out to the streets causing Mubarak's family to run like cowards to their refuge in London. The figures mentioned are of several hundred thousands demonstrating across the country, often clashing with the police.

Three dead have been reported, two of them in Suez, where police unleashed the dogs against demonstrating citizens (yet the causes of death are said to be inhaling gas and a rock, according to police). A policeman was apparently killed in Cairo by a rock (again according to police sources).

The protests were called by mobile phone and the internet, using the holiday of the police (Jan 25th) to underline the brutality of Egypt's police state where arbitrary arrests, torture chambers and general police brutality is the norm. 

It is quite clear to any observer that Mubarak's regime is a walking-dead, as his own health is vanishing and the people's tolerance towards islamo-fascist dictatorships promoted by the Washington-Tel Aviv-Riyadh triad has worn thinner than a hair. In a sense it reminds of what happened in Latin America in the late 20th century, though some have also compared with the popular revolts of Eastern Europe in the early 90s. 

Whatever the case, a whole era is finishing these days, I have no doubt about it. These revolutions in North Africa may be even more important than the equivalent in Europe in global relevance and in any case they are clearly related, as in both cases we have a scenario in which the establishment cannot (or does not want to) deliver anymore to the people... and the people in turn takes over in a beautiful exercise of democracy, of people's power. 

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